No More Machines!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your frozen yogurt and sorbets smart snack compliant?

Yes – All 11+ flavors are compliant. We meet all USDA regulations for primary and secondary schools.

Do they count as a fruit or vegetable?

Yes - our Super Sorbets contribute ½ cup fruit and/or vegetable per 4oz by volume serving (small cup). We use real fruit and vegetable puree along with fruit juice to create a cool, delicious and healthy treat.

I care about serving a clean label. How does yours compare?

Our Super Sorbets use real fruit & vegetable puree, fruit juice, no artificial colors & flavors or sugar. Our frozen yogurt contains live active cultures and is recognized as a yogurt alternative by the FDA.

Are your cups labeled?

Yes – each cup is labeled with full ingredients and nutritional information. Common allergens are called out. We have dairy free, nut free, gluten free and vegan flavors.

I’m sure the kids would love it, but I don’t want to worry about machine maintenance and upkeep.

No problem – we deliver our individual cups pre poured and portioned! Let us handle the maintenance of our machines, so you have one less thing to worry about ! Use your time and money on other things!

What sizes are available?

We serve 2 sizes to complement both a la cart and menu placement Our small cup is 4 oz by volume and are well suited for menu service. Our large cup is 5oz by volume and works great for a la cart placement. The cup sizes and flavors have been selected to ensure we are within the smart snack compliance.

Is there “Best By” dating for freshness?

Yes – each case is marked and each individual cup is marked. We have a contact seal (meaning there is very little air space between the lid and product) which contributes to the life and quality of product.